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Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy - Chris Stapleton

Toy Story...didn't see it. Toy Story 2...didn't see it. Now there's a Toy Story 4? I think Rand knows what a ballad is. Wonder what the original title was? No matter, he proabbly banged this out in 3 minutes before rushing out to meet a young associate of his at the Bel-Air Hotel. Sometime later, the smug musical criminals in Nashville did their best impression of what regular music is, and sent it to that Stapeton guy. He's a cowboy.
Rating: KidzBop (BR, 6/9/2019)

All Blues - Peter Frampton Band

Ah, the quintessential blooze album where the only thing that sounds good is the rhythm guitar. The fare here runs the gamut, from I hate this groove to I hate this classic song now. Seems like it would be easy these days to make a blues record that isn't hackneyed and embarassing, but I guess the Bonamassa era gives this stuff a free pass. There are nice moments, like Larry Carlton sounding just like himself on the title track. But mostly, this stays in the shrinkwrap unless you pay for the meet-and-greet.
Rating: For autographs only (BR, 6/10/2019)

The Wheels of Laredo - Tanya Tucker

Comebock records of legacy artists tend to treat their protagonists like furniture, pairng old stars with faddish young bands and all the usual tricks. Tanya and the twins and Carlisle and Shooter could have gone that way, but to judge from this initial track, Tanya's too real for that. This is country life when the party is over.
Rating: She's back BR, 6/10/2019)